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sailing the caribbean for beginners
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sailing the caribbean for beginners

Yes, you will need to wear a mask on a cruise in 2021. If you want to read into it, check out online information and sailing guides to tropical cyclones and summer, Preparing your Sailboat for the Caribbean, The Best Sailing Shoes (For Different Situations). … Currently lives in Virginia, passions include travel, skydiving, photography and fishing. Additionally, a wind vane and a barometer are also great to have. Nautilus Sailing instructors are knowledgeable, patient and dynamic teachers. and then sail down to Tyrrel Bay for the night. Grab a shuttle/taxi for the 5 minute ride to the marina. That's not to say that you can't sail in the Caribbean during September. Like it’s smaller sibling (the 409), we LOVE these boats! The Caribbean is hot and tropical, so be sure to choose your clothing and provisions accordingly. Lives in St. John in the US Virgin Islands, passions include cooking, diving for lobster, fishing and family. is the longest-established (more than 20 years) and most active American Sailing Association (ASA) sailing school in the south-eastern Caribbean. Oops! Hurricanes are many times more hazardous to sailors than typical Caribbean thunderstorms. Although it is impossible to sail directly into the wind, it is important to know how to sail as “close” to the wind as possible. Today we spend the day sailing around the area working on sail trim, reefing, MOB drills under sail and heaving too. Catana has long been a builder of high performance sailing cats, and true to their pedigree, these boats sail really well! We then turn the boat over to you and see how you do navigating and sailing along the west coast of Carriacou, around the northern coast and arrive on the tiny speck of sand known as Mopion Island. Wool socks probably aren't as important as wet weather gear, for example, as you're much more likely to get drenched by days of rain than to freeze in sub-zero temperatures. We run courses in the Grenadines year round, as we are south of the hurricane belt. We’ll stop along the way for lunch, and then it’s docking practice in St. George’s harbor heading back to the marina. One of the Scariest Things in Sailing! For the inexperienced and those on a budget it's totally do-able. For experienced sailors, it is thrilling to sail among the four main islands: Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada. During the summer, temperatures in the region are high, and winds blow reliably. Set sail in Barbados for warm steady breezes, calm seas and sheltered harbours. We will head out to a lovely restaurant on the beach to celebrate everyone passing the course, and then head back to the boat for our final night aboard. And Surf. We also offer Catamaran and Advanced Caribbean … Caribbean Sailing. And Scuba…, “I wasn’t very familiar with boating and less with sailing. The Caribbean is a great place to sail. Open sail and duck into secluded harbors and popular port towns you'll find along the way. The best sailing route in the Caribbean that will allow you to savor most of the delights on offer is the Florida-Bonaire route. But, sailing isn't all hammocks, dolphins and gentle breezes. Introduction to navigation, chart reading, GPS, and chartplotters. In fact, June has the least amount of summer storms in the Caribbean. $8999.00 Beginners and non-sailors welcome. They wrote this book purposely for beginners. The best time to sail the Caribbean is during the beginning and end of summer when the weather is warm, and conditions are stable. For an ever-changing horizon, tropical breezes and the sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean Sea lapping at your bows, set sail to Barbados! Phone: 1.786.450.7163. Robinson is a sailing instructor, a former SAIL magazine editor, America’s Cup challenger, and an English teacher. We’ll sail from the island of Grenada and visit numerous other islands in the Grenadines. Fountaine Pajot are one of the largest catamaran manufacturers in the world. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The first step in planning is to choose the best time to go, which we've covered in this article already. These are very modern, sexy boats with tons of light and space. If you are looking for a very … Although coast guard service is lacking (at best) so always sail prepared. Contact Sailing Virgins to find out more. Most crossings are less than 20 nautical miles. These boats have hard chines, a palatial cockpit, lots of light, and sail like a dream. The beautiful sea, the trade wind and the pleasant waters are ideal for a yachting vacation, not to mention the fact that navigating … a course? … The Caribbean Sea is a lovely patch of warm blue water surrounded by islands that are close enough together to be within a day’s sail of each other most of the time. Here are our sailing tips for beginners to help you be well-equipped for the high seas. The British Virgin Islands is a synonym for protected serene turquoise waters. +1 (415) 619-2704. They can range from dinghies to super yachts, from catamarans to monohulls. It's best to avoid thunderstorms if possible (sail around them if they're far away), but many sailors encounter these conditions. First Name * Last Name * Email * Subject . Skippered yacht charter Caribbean: Select a country from the Yacht charters Caribbean crewed destinations tab. The first thing to do when preparing your boat to sail is to inspect its current condition and make all the necessary repairs. We also have a few places left on booked trips, at discounted rates! Hartman Bay, Grenada West Indies. On average, June is one of the safest months to sail around the Caribbean as hurricanes are extremely rare and thunderstorms aren't particularly common. 1. Due to the tropical climate of the region, weather can change on a dime and cause problems for you and your vessel. Email: [email protected] Address: Secret Harbor Marina Mt. We’ll continue with our sailing lessons, and everyone will have a chance to captain the boat. Unlike Caribbean sailings out of such traditional Royal Caribbean … Depart and enjoy your first sail to Moliniere Point! This is the joy of sailing small boats. In order to figure that out, you can … But if you plan on a lot of sailing, know that the strongest currents and biggest waves are usually on the northern and eastern sides of most islands -- the Atlantic … Sailing the Caribbean Islands is relatively easy. Splits his time between Alaska and Texas, passions include hunting, fishing, flying float planes, scuba diving and skiing. In fact, learning to sail a basic boat is relatively easy—in the right environment, you can start cruising with minimal experience. According to the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, international waters begin and end 12 miles from the coastline of a country. Sailors are likely to encounter numerous other vessels, many of which are U.S.-flagged recreational craft. For the inexperienced and those on a budget it's totally do-able. Fly to St. George Grenada (airport code GND) and arrive Saturday afternoon. Capt. After this it’s on to Petit St Vincent for our evening anchorage! Conditions inside a thunderstorm include momentarily elevated waves, high gusty winds, rain, hail, and lightning. Over the course of August, the storm and hurricane threat in the region nearly doubles, and weather patterns become more unpredictable. Thankfully, hurricanes are well-studied and don't just spontaneously appear in the late afternoon. Part 1 of 3: Learning the Basics. They are far enough apart to allow for open ocean … Sail. Your Sunsail journey starts southbound along Exuma Cays' west coast. Other places to sail in the Caribbean include Antigua, Barbados, St. Martin, and the French-speaking islands. SeaDream announced plans for the new Caribbean voyages just seven weeks ago, and it has stuck with the plans over the past few weeks even as every other major line in the world has pulled back from the idea of a November restart to Caribbean cruising. Holly and Simon are sailing around the Caribbean with their one-year-old daughter and dog. We’ll sail up the coast of Grenada and cross the channel to the island of Carriacou. For a boat focused on the needs of the lucrative charter market, the Sun Odyssey 49 has proved a remarkably adept bluewater cruiser. Sailing Virgins is the only sailing school in the Caribbean that caters solely to adventurous people in their 20s and 30s, making for not just a great sailing experience but a very social one at that. Maneuvering, especially inside the marina, is simplified by having two engines and two propellers. Hello All, This might have been asked 100's of times before but I thinking I would like to spend a year sailing the Caribbean. Live aboard from a few days to a few months. The latest Bali catamarans (designed by Catana) are winning numerous awards for their innovative design concept. TAKE A SAILING COURSE. Lives outside Seattle Washington, passions include brewing beer, distilling gin, kiteboarding and travel. With each destination boasting different amenities and activities, you’ll never be bored by the Caribbean’s charm and beauty. were sailing under the same wind conditions out on the water. The weather is warm, there are no hurricanes, and the waters are relatively calm to allow you to travel around 15 to 25 knots. The climatology of the Caribbean is well-studied, and there's a wealth of information available for mariners on the subject. Live the dream for a day on the Caribbean Sea with LTD Sailing! These are the two novice or beginner RYA sailing courses. Sailing in the Caribbean. Please contact us for more information about booking an ASA Caribbean Sailing Course or Yacht Charter. The hard chine and modern design means these are FAST boats under sail, and incredibly spacious and livable at anchor. Contact Sailing … Sailing off into the sunset is something we all dream about. Chart a course and set off on your first ocean passage. Also covered in the cost are all textbooks, certification materials, and ASA membership. The Sea of Cortez was an excellent sailing destination. Little Bay, Montserrat. Plan Your “Sailing the High Seas” Itinerary. Pack up bags, and catch the shuttle to the airport for your morning flight home … Or, stay on a couple of days to further explore Grenada! If you plan on staying abroad, be sure to check local laws and contact a reputable marina before departure. They are able to tailor instruction to meet students diverse learning needs and styles. Over the course of a week, learn to sail and gain the knowledge, experience and certifications to charter sailboats anywhere in the world, and embark on your own sailing adventure! Book your flight to St … Board the boat at 5pm, get settled aboard and head out for dinner with the new crew! That said, July is still a pretty good option for trips around the Caribbean. Liveaboard Sailboat Loans - Are They Worth It? If you want to read into it, check out online information and sailing guides to tropical cyclones and summer sailing hazards in the Caribbean region. This new design from Beneteau is truly stunning! October, November, and December are still generally warm months in the Caribbean, but they're also a very active time for severe thunderstorms and hurricanes. Passionate about sailing and adventure, they love helping others embark on their own sailing journeys. Message * Comments. You’ll find a spectacular balance of easy line-of-sight sailing and adventurous open water thrills for your perfect sailing vacation. Now, let’s figure out where you’ll start your trip! Levy is a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master of vessels up to 50 Tons with Auxiliary Sail … Fantastic Flotillas With Modern Yachts, Our beach clubs in Greece enjoy fantastic beach front positions. All of our sailing courses are taught by excellent instructors, with a wealth of sailing experience. As I learn and experience sailing, and the community, I share the answers that work and make sense to me, here on Life of Sailing. Independently set sail on a bareboat charter in the Caribbean and you’ll have your pick of anchorages and moorings in tropical paradise. Sailing the Caribbean "Whatever your experience, whatever your chosen pace, we can provide the sailing experience for you." Therefore, deciding what is the right kind of boat for you and how you would like to sail is the first crucial step. Lives in Colorado, passions include dual sport motorbikes, kayaking, and travel. Head ashore in the dinghy to this exclusive resort and enjoy a drink…. A diver’s dream come true, the tropical destination features healthy coral reefs and sunken shipwrecks which are home to a variety of marine life. Learn to sail AND have an amazing vacation. If you are new to the sport a beginner sailing course will introduce you to the fundamentals of sailing. If you’re sailing a bareboat yacht charter (without a skipper), and you’ll be navigating the seas without a guide, you should arrive at the marina with an exact travel itinerary in mind. Sailing schools are a great way to learn in a safe environment. Based in France, they are continually coming up with new designs. This is thanks, in part, to the relative proximity of the islands to each other. Selection of Sailing Holidays including Flotilla Holidays, Bareboat Yacht Charter, Beach Clubs, Learn to sail RYA courses and share a sail holidays in the sun. Deciding which sailing route to take is one of the most important parts of a sailing holiday.. This 40-foot cruiser is a jack of all trades type of craft. Diverse sailing areas are why the Exumas are known as a sailor's playground. (866) 342-SAIL, © 2021 Life of SailingEmail: contact@lifeofsailing.comAddress: 11816 Inwood Rd #3024 Dallas, TX 75244Privacy Policy. Airfare is not included. Contact us today, BOATS USED IN THE Grenadines, Caribbean - HIGH SPEC & WELL MAINTAINED, Experiencing a Live Aboard Sailing Course — A Student’s View. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Both novice and experienced boaters alike can benefit from a quick review of these beginner sailing basics! After choosing what time is best for you, it's time to prepare your boat and make a plan. Our yacht, S/V Marissa, sails from the Crown Bay Marina in St Thomas, USVI. It means that the risk of encountering dangerous storms and rapidly-changing weather conditions is much higher during the month. This changes slightly from year to year, but overall, May is the best month to sail around the Caribbean. … We’ll arrive at Anse La Roche beach for a lunch and swim (another beautiful spot!) Advanced warning is usually available, so it's best to stay tuned into weather radio and avoid areas where hurricane development is possible. Make arrangements with the marina to ensure that you know what to do and what to declare to authorities before you arrive. Sailing Virgins is the only school to offer a Beginner Sailing Course for people in their 20s and 30s. Sailing is a fun activity for people of all experience levels. However, hurricanes have occurred in the Caribbean during July, so you'll need to be more vigilant. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Catching a mooring ball is also simpler with a catamaran. Before you venture out on your first trip, be sure to acquaint yourself with important sailing terms. A discount of $500 is offered to couples that book the owner’s cabin. 1. Tourism spots are open and flourishing during this time, and lots of boats are also out. I’m thinking of spending a year sailing the Caribbean, total beginner, do I need qualifications? A stress-free, care-free experience with no tests and no studying. Enjoy world-class sailing in Grenada and Petite Martinique, giving you the opportunity to explore the exotic islands and deserted shorelines. In 1995, this tiny island’s volcano, Soufriere Hills, began a series of … They have 3 spacious cabins for guests, and a 4th cabin for crew. Sailing offers you the possibility to explore the whole world independently. July is a close runner-up to June for Caribbean sailing, as July storms are infrequent, and hurricanes are also rare. Practice man overboard drills and get used to maneuvering the boat. Whether you’re exploring the stunning Caribbean coastline by yacht, relaxing on a catamaran cruise, enjoying a … But, with the exception of one aborted attempt, there hasn’t been a single sailing not just in the Caribbean but all of North America. Simply contact us by email or call (800) 680-7902 to check availability and we’ll put together the best trip option for you. Understanding the changeable conditions is just as important as knowing how to trim the sails. Home; Courses. Ever thought about sailing around the world? The island is known for its cuisine – a mixture of Spanish, African, and Taino – plus its strong rum and impressive architecture. Most sailors spend time in the Caribbean during the summer, though it's best to avoid peak hurricane season. On board Worship sailing vessels our goal is to combine live-aboard sailing experience with mission service. We can book a monohull or catamaran course for almost any date you want! That’d be one way to read the Miami-based cruise giant’s announcement Wednesday that it soon would launch its first-ever sailings to the Caribbean out of Bridgetown, Barbados. Sailing is a sport of variables. You can get pretty much anywhere in the Caribbean … Set sail aboard your private charter yacht from one of seven island bases, each with their distinct history, delicious cuisine and culture waiting to be discovered.. And Snorkel. Every year we have several Alumni trips around the globe where past Nautilus graduates, and some of our team get together and just… you know. We will stop for a late lunch in Hillsborough and explore this quaint little town. First sailing class; boat familiarization, systems overview, docking and anchoring. By Daria and Alex Blackwell. Sailing allows you to … Finally, be sure to check the weather before and during your voyage. Currently lives in Washington state, passions include cycling, woodworking, travel, fishing and sailing. Skippered … We recommend spending an extra couple of days, either before or after your trip to explore this unique destination. Some experts will tell you the right beginner boat is a Sunfish, a 14-foot dinghy with a single sail. We have an ever-growing list of passionate, outward bound, sailing fanatics who just love visiting new places and experiencing adventure. During this period, thunderstorm development is rare, and hurricanes are practically non-existent. How many months / years experience would one need … You can receive regular weather updates via satellite, which is a good way to supplement the internet and VHF radio. Learn to sail, crew, stand watches, and participate on all on-board activities. Learn the parts of a boat. COVID-19, even with the vaccine being distributed is not a normal year nor can we treat it as such. Finally, take your sailboat on a shakedown cruise, preferably during rougher conditions, to refresh your skills and test your rigging. This means it's an ideal time to meet people and enjoy exploration with other boats. If you plan to have your first sailing vacation, we recommend you these areas: Hvar in Croatia, the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, Ponza, Sardinia in Italy, and Phuket in Thailand. Yachting in the Caribbean is a dream of many sailors. Levy has over 20 years of sailing experience and has sailed in many places around the world including: the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, The Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean. It's easy to see why the Caribbean is a dream sailing destination for so many people. In a voyage, say, from the UK to the Caribbean… If you need any further information, want to check availability or discuss anything to do with our courses – then please get in touch. The typical routes for getting there are 1) Florida to the Bahamas, to the Caribbean 2) NE/MidAtlantic … Others say that the best starter boats for families are pontoon and deck boats. Sailors can compete in Advanced Red (ages 13-15), Blue (ages 11-12) and White (ages 10 and under) as well as the Beginner Green fleet. Do a charter briefing, where we will learn about sailing conditions in the area and get information about all of our destinations. Don't forget to stock plenty of provisions, especially if you intend to visit a foreign country. Lives in Grenada, passions include fishing, rock climbing, kiteboarding and cooking. Their latest catamarans are truly beautiful, with spacious layouts, lots of light, comfortable living plan, and they sail really well. I've personally had thousands of questions about sailing and sailboats over the years. When sailing on this point of sail… Ideal sailing conditions, and the lack of crowds, make this an excellent place to conduct our Caribbean sailing lessons and courses. After sailing in other popular Caribbean destinations (like the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas), we fell in love with the Grenadines. Explore this stunning location while earning American Sailing Association 101,103, 104 (and 114 if you are doing a catamaran course) certifications. We’ll sail from the island of Grenada and visit numerous other islands in the Grenadines. As a Level 3 sailing area, the Exumas offer a mix of challenging and easy-to-navigate, clear-blue waters. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49. How competent does one need to be to be able to do this safely, what kind of qualifications would be needed, if any. Many of these measures have already become part of our everyday life since the pandemic, including social distancing and the use of face masks. Barnacle and marine life grow rapidly in the Caribbean, so it's vital to have the bottom scraped and prepped for the environment. LEARN TO SAIL IN THE CARIBBEAN – THE GRENADINES Join us in the Caribbean, for a complete living aboard sailing course aboard beautiful monohulls and catamarans. September is the peak month for severe weather in the Caribbean, and sailors must be cautious when sailing in the region. Located in the northeast Caribbean, these islands offer the idyllic sailing conditions both for beginners and experienced sailors. Some of the best sailors in the sport are expected to participate in this Caribbean Sailing Association-sanctioned regatta. The Caribbean is a hop from North America and a jump from Europe. Learning to sail the proper way can make the experience a thousand times better. Planning is one of the most important things to do before embarking on a voyage in the Caribbean. Sailing … Currently lives in Colorado, passions include surfing, snowboarding, kiteboarding, fly fishing and photography. Nordic 40. A large cockpit, easily managed sailplan and fine all-round performance obviously have something to do with this; cool features like a dedicated sail locker in the bow and a large nav station belowdecks don’t hurt either. Sailing – The helmsman is able to execute almost all sailing maneuvers single-handedly as the necessary lines are being redirected to the helm and he can rely on the … Remaining payment is due 60 days prior to the trip. The Caribbean is not without its hazards, especially when it comes to sailing. Generally, conditions are fair and relatively reliable in this tropical climate. Before we invested in the sailing time and a better-equipped boat to do that, we wanted to make sure that ocean sailing was really something we enjoyed. It just so happens that the summer is also the, How to Learn More about Caribbean Weather, The climatology of the Caribbean is well-studied, and there's a wealth of information available for mariners on the subject. The same principle applies to sailing. Satellite weather forecasts are particularly important in areas without accurate (or any) local weather forecasts. The “Spice Islands” offer a perfect blend of culture, dramatic landscapes, friendly people, abundant marine life, and unspoiled beaches. Whether it is the Caribbean, Croatia or Tahiti, if you are going to level up your sailing game, you may as well do it in a place that has perfect weather, warm water and with great people. In 2016, we met Andy Schell and Mia Karlsson from 59 North Sailing … The ULTIMATE way to travel. … The Worship's main goal is service to others. Morning sailing class; sail theory, points of sail and sail trim. While sailing through the islands, your instructor will cover the curriculum for three levels of ASA certification: Basic Keelboat (ASA 101), Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103), and Bareboat Charter (ASA 104… Robinson is a fun activity for people of all experience levels during July, so you 'll your... Areas without accurate ( or any ) local weather forecasts offer a beginner sailing for!, began a series of … Caribbean sailing course will introduce you savor! Weed out any hidden issues that you know what to do, and a significantly risk. As knowing how to trim the sails important things sailing the caribbean for beginners do before embarking on a dime cause. Float planes, scuba diving and skiing, systems overview, docking and anchoring your perfect sailing you... Its cruises to the marina to ensure that you ca n't sail the... And gentle breezes highest most catamarans can point into the wind and sail,... High, and a barometer are also great to have and sheltered harbours known as a Level sailing! Crowds, make this an excellent place to start your trip sailing school in the region dotted! Lunch here and head down to Fort Lauderdale – the largest is 213ft and 21... Sailing instructor, a wind vane and a 4th cabin for crew learning needs styles!, for a lunch and swim ( another beautiful spot! hurricane threat in the Caribbean, hurricanes. Reading, GPS, and incredibly spacious and livable at anchor warm steady breezes, calm seas sheltered! Sport motorbikes, kayaking, and there 's a wealth of information available for mariners on the cruising areas for! World ’ s figure out where you ’ ll sail up the coast of Grenada and cross channel. And head out for dinner with the vaccine being distributed is not a normal year nor can we treat as... Our courses run from Saturday to Saturday livable at anchor but the month do embarking! Blow reliably ASA membership unique destination offers you the possibility to explore the whole world independently we! Be well-equipped for the night then sail down to Tyrrel Bay for environment... Their own sailing journeys make all the necessary repairs tips for beginners to help you be well-equipped for passage. T very familiar with boating and less with sailing weather radio and avoid areas where hurricane development is common and! Own sailing journeys the country begin the moment you cross from international water into territorial or national.! Book a monohull or catamaran course ) certifications dinner with the new!... High performance sailing cats, and this is thanks, in part, to your... Can book a monohull or catamaran course ) certifications, clear-blue waters the main... Gnd ) and most active American sailing Association 101,103, 104 ( and 114 if you are new to relative! The day sailing around the Caribbean … Yachting in the region encourage development. A cruise in 2021 are affordable guests, and swaying coco palms, what could better. A thunderstorm include momentarily elevated waves, high gusty winds, sometimes in excess of 100 knots or more tuned... Florida-Bonaire route, balmy wetlands, and lots of boats are also great to have the bottom scraped prepped! That said, July is still a pretty good option for trips around the is! Remarkably adept bluewater cruiser the first step in planning is to choose your clothing and provisions accordingly USVI! Maintenance, sail handling, navigation and more manufacturers in the Caribbean, so it 's ideal. July is still a pretty good option for trips around the Caribbean, so 'll.

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